Thanks to continued innovation and research we are always a step ahead.
Each year RIO YACHTS launches beautiful, new, reliable, functional boats that combine high levels of performance and design. All this is possible thanks to the engineers’ and designers’ constant anxiety to create the best.

These are the significant milestones of a "work in progress" design process:
- 60s: debut the mahogany wall; from aft to stern creates a homogeneous band without the use of the screw caps. An innovation that distinguishes a perfect and immutable product even 50 years after the hull was built.
70s: Absolute preview of the "boat for all" in ABS, plastic thermoformed material with injection molded polyurethane foam. The popular nautical is born, the hull that does not sink, cheap and produced in tens of thousands of specimens.
It's been these years that Rio is first in the jet. The joint research with Piaggio leads to safe propulsion of water ... To reach the shore without risk.
- 80s: It's hard time with RIO 12.90 followed by RIO 16.90. Genius intuition, however, will take twenty years to become a fashion in the industry.

Always attentive and responsive to the dictated ecology RIO YACHTS produces today low-consumption, less polluting boats, in full respect for the environment. The "simplified guides" system offer pleasure, and not thought, to govern a boat, for a truly relaxed navigation.
This is how the shipyard's commitment to innovation and optimization works from the waterways to the habitat solutions, from the finishing materials to the level performance.

It is a coordinated research activity that moves from the creative fervor of the technical area: it is the added value to our brand, a constant of our strategic thinking.
That's how thinks and works our brand.