RIO YACHTS S.r.l. @ Cannes Yachting Festival



RIO YACHTS S.r.l. sera présent aux Salons suivants:

– FRANCE Cannes Yachting Festival ( 8 – 13 Septembre 2015) – Pantiero

– ITALIE Genoa International Boat Show ( 30 Septembre – 5 Octobre2015) – Motor Boat Area

ATTENTION: Cheater who offers used boat as Rio Yachts S.r.l. Sales Director!

ATTENTION! Many people have reported us of a cheater who offers used boats in different website as Rio Yachts Sales Director, asking deposits for nonexistent boats. He use illegally our brand and datas, issuing false invoices.
The company has nothing to do with this transaction and has taken action in the appropriate forums.
Please: verify the truthfulness of the offers calling us at +39.035.927301 and signal us every anomaly.

RIO YACHTS S.r.l. @ 53° Genoa Boat Show: between past and future under the sign of "Made in Italy"


RIO YACHTS is at the 53° Genoa Boat Show with a news: in effect next to two RIO YACHTS collection boats (ESPERA 34 and COLORADO 54) , is exposed a 60s’ classic wood boat ESPERA TA.

For the first time a face to face with ESPERA 34, born in 2011 for the 50° shipyard anniversary, these two Italian style pieces tell about the past and the future of a shipyard in progress, summery of tradition and innovation.