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"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde - 
espera 34


RIO YACHTS celebrates its 50th anniversary by unveiling the ESPERA 34, a 10-meter open boat. Despite being the youngest of the range it is the icon of the new course undertaken by RIO YACHTS, perfectly combining the past and the future.

The 50th anniversary and its new flagship represent a milestone for the shipyard as well as the opportunity to revel in everything the company has achieved over the last 50 years, while at the same time showing its cleas intention to design new lines for the next generations of RIO YACHTS: simply stated, a daring and ambiotious project of renewal and rebirth.


espera 34


The name is the same as the firts wood vassel built in 1961, and forges a path for the ESPERA line; truly unique open boats of pure elegance, modern design and hight performance.

The ESPERA 34 is an important yacht, the firstborn of a range that seeks to convert itself into a trademark of luxury, creativity and innovation.Così come negli anni ’60 la barca era desiderio di vivere e godersi il mare imaniera esclusiva, così oggi abbiamo pensato all’armatore (sempre più esigente) che ha bisogno di una barca da vivere e per vivere il mare, che desidera un oggetto esclusivo e di carattere, che non sia un impegno ma un piacere, ecco cosa vuole.


Overall Lenght                                 10,10 m
Omologation Lenght                      9,99 m
Beam                                                  3,40 m
Draft                                                   0,55 m
Height to Bimini                               2,12 m
Loaded weight approx.                  7,8 t
Dry weight approx.                         5.600 kg
Fuel tank                                           720 lt
Water tank                                       130 lt
Black water tank                             41 lt
Total crew capacit                          12 p.
Accomodati                                     2+2
Bathrooms                                        1
CE Marking
Designer                                           Marino Alfani 


Brand                                           MERCURY
Type                                             4.5 L V6 DTS B3
Power                                          2x250HP (2x184Kw)
Transmission                              EFB
Max. Speed
Cruising Speed                           41,5
Cruising consumption l/h       28
Consumi crociera                       86 l/h
Cruising autonomy NM             NM 224
Cruising autonomy h                 ore 8 


Brand                                            VOLVO PENTA
Type                                             D3 220
Power                                           2x220HP (2x184Kw)


Max. Speed                                  34,5
Cruising Speed                            26
Cruising consumption l/h        2×28 l/h
Cruising autonomy NM              NM 312
Cruising autonomy h                  ore 12

* datas refer to the testing conditions and are indicative 


il vero made in italy


RIO YACHTS offers owners the opportunity to customize their boat in a unique and exclusive way, so as to adapt their models to the requests, desires and style of the customers: just like a tailor-made suit, the owner is joined by a section of the company dedicated exclusively to "custom editions" and guided in the choice of every detail. Nothing is left to chance.

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