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"There is only one passion, the passion for happiness."
- Denis Diderot - 


paranà 38


The “Paranà 38” makes its debut in the summer setting the path for a new line. The name is the same as the successful wood model of the 60s. 

The “Paranà 38” is a 12 meters with a sporty style and an innovative design, fully equipped, practical, with great attention to detail, that will surely become the leading model of its category. It’s been met with great enthusiasm.

The new model follows RIO YACHTS’ tradition of getting the balance between internal and external space perfectly right, nothing is left to chance.
The hull is white and anthracite grey. It boasts a spacious flat teak cockpit that, using an electric remote control, can be converted into either a large table or a sunbathing area, depending on the occasion. The comfortable chaise longue and the external kitchen are great finishing touches. The soft top, easily adjustable to let in the light or keep out the summer heat, combines the comfort of a sliding roof with the option of a quasi-total open top. The result is a practical covered cockpit with the line of a motor boat.

paranà 38


Below deck, the space is designed to please even the most demanding customer: two full beam cabins and two bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen with transformable dinette, large windows to allow maximum light, superb true Italian style details and accessories.

Tailor made for Mediterranean cruises but not only, designed to enjoy the external spaces with friends and family, created for those who appreciate quality and style, a boat with equipment of the highest standard, and last but not least, the perfect balance between quality and price.

A 38’ with an edge, for guaranteed excitement, to enjoy the sea in an exclusive, fun and practical way. 


Overall Lenght                                                           13,30 m
Omologation Lenght                                             9,98 m
Beam                                                                         3,65 m
Draft                                                                           0,64 m
Height from the water to the hard top               2,84 m
Loaded weight approx.                                          11,4 t
Dry weight approx.                                                 9.000 kg
Fuel tank                                                                     780 lt
Water tank                                                               330 lt
Black water tank                                                    83 lt
Total crew capacity                                               12 
Accomodation                                                        4+2
Bathrooms                                                               2
CE Marking                                                                 B
Designer                                                                   Marino Alfani 


Brand                                       VOLVO PENTA
Type                                       D4 300
Power                                     2x300HP (2×223 Kw)
Transmission                       EFB


Max. Speed                               35,4 
Velocità crociera                      27
Cruising Speed                          76 l/h
Cruising consumption l/h     NM 277
Cruising autonomy NM           ore 10

* datas refer to the testing conditions and are indicative 


the real made in italy


RIO YACHTS offers owners the opportunity to customize their boat in a unique and exclusive way, so as to adapt their models to the requests, desires and style of the customers: just like a tailor-made suit, the owner is joined by a section of the company dedicated exclusively to "custom editions" and guided in the choice of every detail. Nothing is left to chance. 

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